there are few things that make me more uncomfortable than imagining myself at a live edm or any kind of concert where there are no seats what do you do do you have to dance what if i dont want to what if i just want to sit down and enjoy the music i dont want ot see people grinding all over each other i just want to enjoy the art these artists have made

i have been fucking hit by a car before and the thought of that doesnt make me this uncomfortable

but despite that fact, i think going to a show or music festival sounds like something fun i should do sometime. 


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tbh lmq is basically the most american team in lcs - they left their own country (because the chinese scene is really corrupt / has terrible management practices) to make their fortune in america - isn't that basically the american dream? c;

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P much like

What buggy crawled up that dudes butt?

I feel like calling LMQ the most american team to be a bit of a stretch, and honestly it feels like a slap in the face to ''true'' NA teams. Not trying to diss LMQ or anything, because quite frankly I have no opinion of them, but saying they're the most american team feels a bit too much in my eyes. But, alas, that's why there are things called opinions and we're all allowed to have one :'D

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I don’t think you understand why they said most American, friend. It was half a joke, at least on my end. The American dream is to make money, no?

I hate to make this an issue or a SJ thing but… Man its this giant elephant in the room and if anyone’s gonna address it, i will!

And again, while its okay to feel ashamed that our America-born teams can’t make it to winning worlds- it’s not okay to hate on LMQ/ show a disrespect of them BECAUSE THEY’RE CHINESE. Like saying “they’re not from America, they’re not NA!” is kinda.. racist…
You don’t see people saying why do we want Bjergsen and EG to win because they’re not American?

While, anon, i am not calling you racist, the first ask in this saga said they’re here because, and i quote.

they’re just here because they cant make it to worlds in korea.

Which. Is indeed, Racist. And Offensive to me as an NA player!

They for one are CHINESE. Not Korean. As far as I know they didn’t play in Korea at all. Not the same!

And to say they’re only here because they *~*Can’t win in Korea*~* is not only offensive to them, but should make NA players offended because that’s total bullshit to say we’re 2nd rate just because we haven’t won worlds yet!

Again, Sorry to make this a SJ issue but i’m not gonna ignore it. :/

TL;DR: Its okay to be hurt that our NA-born players aren’t as strong

Its not okay to disrespect people who are legally here, just because they aren’t white / weren’t born here

You shouldn’t feel bad about making it a SJ issue. Just because we’re all allowed to have opinions doesn’t mean they’re all actually important or correct; anon is a little shit. You could sort of argue that they’re not here as citizens therefore they’re not the most American but you also need to step back for a second and think what the fuck does that statement ‘most american’ even mean?

fuck im so tired and i doubt i articulated my thoughts clearly but this pissed me off enough that i needed to write something 

hello if you have unfortunately noticed the severe lack of my high quality content on your newsfeed it is because i am loading up my queue! my queue has been woefully empty for a month or two and i feel bad for letting it be so empty! 

also so just in case i die you guys will still have things from me to reblog for at least 250 days :) 


(chinhands) so if you could only describe yourself to someone through movies, what movies would you pick?