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on equality, and self actualization

DAMN GUYS. IF YOU WANT TO PROMOTE LGBT AWARENESS AND THE STUFF LIKE THAT, DOING A FUCKING “DAY OF SILENCE” ISN’T GOING TO HELP. and when the poster says “let your voice be heard” and you’RE FUCKing NOT TALKING FOR A DAY YOU HAVE NO VOICE IN BOTH SENSES. even worse is that underneath people are invited to go to a fucking room to party and have fun and eat yummy snacks and shit, like this is some sort of popularity contest where all the cool kids do this and then go to the party and eat food.

at this point in time, i don’t know what I believe in; largely due to the x factor puberty throws in, but i have determined that i do feel strongly against discrimination of any kind. i can’t say that i have experienced the same kind of emotional pain some people in the lgbt community have, but i do have my own problems, and so does everyone else. and while i don’t think it’s appropriate to try and stretch any sort of discomfort/suffering and make it seem as though you’ve experienced it all, i do feel that you should at least think of what others go through, perhaps in a slightly more intensive situation. empathy, while avoiding shutting down other people’s experiences is what i’m trying to get at, i suppose. buuuut i do know i have a few chips placed in the physical category, with my whole me x car shipping fiasco. and believe me, it hurt, and it still hurts, no matter how much i tell people “i’m recovering perfectly fine”, but there is also a mental aspect to my experience, and I guess that’s what drives me to think this way. people close to me were hurt too, and i don’t want that. And it would be selfish to only want the best, although natural, for the people close to me, so why not for everyone?

it’s fuckin 1am and i’m so tired so i’ll close off. no one (or at least should be) dismissing your sufferings of any kind, because that pain you feel is real, no matter how small. but you do need to know what when you fight for something you believe in. you can’t use your pain as some excuse to act childishly and just do whatever you want in your battles. pick your fights, and learn how to do it effectively.